ā-ˈklä, ˈā- 
é·clat : great brilliance

As our society moves towards a more capital conscious world, demand for direct investments into impactful companies and projects continue to rise. At present, there is a multitude of impactful companies seeking capital and impact investors actively seeking investments. However, the current impact investing landscape is fragmented and difficult to navigate. Éclat Impact is the centralized marketplace that facilitates an end-to-end solution for investors and companies making a difference.

Éclat Impact recognizes partnerships and collective actions are important to building a truly collaborative ecosystem. By taking a regulatory-compliant approach, we are able to convert conversations to transactions through our virtual deal room and seamless post-order management system. 


Leverage the power of technology and networks of people to mobilize the primary and secondary markets towards impact-related investments. Through partnerships and collaboration, Éclat Impact builds an ecosystem of smart investors, innovative companies and thought leaders who are aligned in seeking financial growth and positive change.