The GATEWAY technology provides a global snapshot of investment opportunities with search option metrics to help refine targets.

Technology  GGI’s GATEWAY platform centralizes the way impact investments are sourced and funded and enables financing solutions to societal challenges.  The GATEWAY technology platform is a USA regulatory compliant architecture that conducts transactions in multiple currencies and languages and integrates portfolio management tools and informational content.  The technology differentiates itself by offering customized impact measurement metrics, a tool to manage the performance of these types of investments.


Designed for smooth interface and interaction with existing software systems and protocols

Regulatory compliance

Designed to meet or exceed all USA regulatory standards


Allows for fully transparent and anonymous negotiations between trading counterparties

Multilingual and multi-currency

Designed for global organizations with multiple global locations

Mapping technology

Designed for targeting regional interests or investmentsorting

Encrypted security protocols

Imbedded protections

Portfolio Management Tools

Full reporting features allows for ease of use in creating customizable reporting

Benchmarking and Metric Reporting

Peer group benchmarks and reporting

The GATEway platform

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